Monday, November 17, 2008

Pardon me while I'm momentarily nauseated

In an excellent post by Thomas Peters, "Change you can conceive in"? (American Papist, November 17, 2008), Mr. Peters writes:
Newsweek asks the question "Could euphoric Obama fans be sparking a baby boom?"Clearly, Newsweek and I differ as to what sort of things can be counted as part of a "baby boom":
In Chicago, where 28-year-old Chip Bouchard—a former Hillary supporter—attended Obama's acceptance speech, he says he looked over at his boyfriend, Chris, and thought: "This [is] the president under whom I [want to] get married and adopt a baby."
So many things to say to that, but not now.

Back to the "baby boom" ... sorry, agreeing with Jill, I think we can more expect an "abortion boom".
[Hat tip to K.K.]

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