Friday, November 07, 2008

A difficult transition for Catholic supporters of Obama

"Congratulations, you won! How can we help" (Zippy Catholic, November 6, 2008):
I acknowledge that this is going to be a difficult transition for Catholic supporters of Obama. Now that he has become the President-elect y'all have the difficult job ahead of turning on a dime. As long as it was a matter of Obama vs. McCain you had the wind of proportionate reason in your sails; but now the seas are dead calm, and soon the winds of justified action will be a-blowing the other way.

Now that we have a President elect, you see, there is no longer any justification for remote material cooperation in his wicked policies. Justified remote material cooperation with evil may have (I think it objectively did not, but lets set that aside) made it possible to choose him over McCain; but now we have the absolute condition of a chosen President. If proportionate reason ever existed for remote material cooperation with his evil policies before the election, they no longer do now. Now your obligation is reversed, as I alluded to earlier. Now your obligation is to oppose his evil policies with all your heart, mind, and strength; all the more so because of your choice to vote for him.

But not to worry. This is a burden we can all bear together. When it comes to opposing Obama's policies on abortion, ESCR, gay "marriage", and other strains of wickedness, you can count on us, that is, those of us on the unreconstructed socially conservative side of the house. Yesterday we may have been political enemies, but today there is no longer any justification for that; which is to say, your justification for opposing us no longer obtains. We must all come together in unequivocal support of the criminalization of abortion, criminalization of the medical cannibalization of embryos, and the banishment of fictions like "gay marriage" from any form of public legitimization: we must come together because opposition to the legality of those things is not politics but doctrine, doctrine to which we all owe religious and intellectual assent. Byegones being byegones, disagreement over proportionate reasons in the Presidential election now a figment of the past, we must all come together.

Indeed, we no longer have any excuse for not coming together. And those of us who were not on your side in the electoral contest are here to help you discharge your grave obligation to publicly oppose Obama on all those things, without hesitation or equivocation or tergiversation.

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