Monday, July 28, 2008

Off to North Carolina ... Eeeee Haw!!

Hush puppies, barbecue, grits, collard greens, fat back, mountain momma ... Well, I don't guess I've ever really tried fat back, I'm not quite sure what a mountain momma is, and sushi's actually my forté; but I do like that Carolina pork barbecue. Um-hmm. You heard me. Unlike Samuel Jackson, I do dig on swine ... in obedience, of course, to the rooftop vision of St. Peter.

We'll be gone until early next week. Also, my computer appears to have a particularly virulent virus or worm or Trojan or something that isn't being exterminated by my antivirus program, so I'm going to be off-line for a while until a good friend of mine who knows computers conducts the obligatory exorcism. So, until we meet again, enjoy yourselves and be good.

Pray for our country, and pray for us. That's mutual, you know. God bless.

Your Papist

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