Sunday, July 06, 2008

Latin/English Tridentine Propers available, fruit of 3 yrs labor

The following from the Trindentine Community News insert in today's parish bulletin of St. Josaphat Catholic Church, Detroit, MI, may be of more than local interest:
Do you know that our weekly Latin/English Propers Handouts are now in use at a number of additional churches? Originally created as a joint project for the St. Josaphat and Assumption-Windsor Tridentine Communities, the handouts were based upon an attractive design created by The Saint Gregory Society at Sacred heart Church in New Haven Connecticut, and used with their permission.

It became apparent that neither the original St. Gregory Society handouts, nor any Propers downloadable from any Internet source, had sufficiently accurate Latin or English. Too many typographical errors, inaccurate identifications of scripture passages, and absence of accent marks and joint vowels in the Latin, made it apparent that we had to create our own Propers text from scratch. Cross-referencing several Latin and English sources for the text took many hours (even altar missals and hand missals were not devoid of errors), but resulted in an accurate a set of handouts as could reasonably be produced. Three years of creation and proofreading were invested in creating the set that we now publish. Please e-mail [the address at the bottom of this post] if you discover any still-lurking mistakes -- let's make these perfect.

No one should have to go through this exercise again. Now that the work has been done, we have made our handouts available to other Tridentine Mass communities. Besides St. Josaphat and Assumption, today our handouts, or derivations thereof, are used by St. Joseph; St. Albertus; Ss. Cyril & Methodius in Sterling Heights [all in the greater Detroit area]; Our Lady of Mat. Carmel in Bronx, New York; St. Joseph in Jackson, Michigan; St. Mary in Kalamazoo, Michigan; and Holy Rosary in Cedar, Michigan. New Haven's Sacred Heart has incorporated the corrected text into their own handouts. Even Orchard Lake's Ss. Cyril & Methodius Seminary has a set, though no Extraordinary Form Masses are yet offered there.

Parishes interested in a complete set of Word files of these handouts should e-mail the below address. PDFs and all of these documents are available at our web site.
[Hat tip to A.B.]

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