Monday, July 21, 2008

Australian liturgical wonders

Under the heading of "Reform of the Reform of the Reform," Rorate Caeli has posted a number of photos of the bizarre performers at the "Eucharistic Celebration on the Occasion of the 23rd World Youth Day" (Royal Randwick Racecourse, Randwick, NSW, Australia - July 20, 2008). Don't know if any of you had the chance to follow these events. I was wrapped up in family matters in Philly. Apparently, as in the Pontiff's visit to the States, there were instances of the Good and the Bad and the Ugly. Any thoughts?

I'm sorry to be focusing here on just this negative aspect of the Australian visit. I know there was much worthy of great gratitude. Nevertheless, the abuse here, limited though it may have been, was egregious. Here is an ABC News link to a video of the Fijian Island dancers and music during the Papal Mass in Australia: "Pope celebrates mass in 'great south land'" [scroll down to the "Fijian music accompanies papal mass gospel acclimation (ABC News)" link]. The dancing and music are lovely, but appallingly inserted into the Mass and grotesquely juxtaposed with a chanted proclamation of the Gospel. Pope Benedict does not look amused. Why was this done? I can tell you. Some liturgical idiot with chicken spit for brains and a wild hair of rebellion up his nether regions insisted on gratifying himself by sticking this symbolic middle finger to the face of the Holy Father. The bishops and presbyterate stood by and watched as His Holiness, stuck between a rock and a hard place, was too much of a gentleman to do anything but go along.

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