Friday, June 20, 2008

Obama quote generator

A friend of mine forwarded the link below to me from a guy who said in his email:
Hey, I posted one of those quotes on my blog and a few minutes
later someone wired $250 million into my bank account. What am
I supposed to do now?
My friend's comment? "Try it! Then run for president!"

No. 1. Here's where you can try it: Generate a Barack Obama Quote! (Buttafly: the procrastinator's paradise).

No. 2. For some extra fun, run the latest speech of your favorite political ignoramus through Samuel Stoddard's Dialectizer, which will convert it into your choice of "Redneck," "Jive," "Cockney," "Elmer Fudd," "Swedish Chef," "Moron," "Pig Latin," or "Hacker."

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