Thursday, December 18, 2014

"The Bishops and the Catholic 'man-crisis'"

Matthew James Christoff, "The Bishops and the Catholic 'man-crisis'" (CWR, December 15, 2014). "The Extraordinary Synod held in October failed to adequately mention, address, and encourage two groups of Catholics.... Shocking Omission 1: Men; Shocking Omission 2: Intact Families."

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Jacobi said...

Christoff is spot on!

If I may offer a perspective from the UK, there is certainly a “man crisis” here.

The Church is becoming feminised. The fields of Readers, Prayer of the Faithful, lay distributors of Holy Communion, increasingly altar servers, and perhaps most importantly, RE classes, when they do take place are steadily feminising, if not already so.
The clergy have now adopted a feminised, “nice” vocabulary.

The result, young men, eighteen to say forty, are largely absent from Mass.

The concept of the “Dictatorship of the Minority” applies more and more in the Church these days. The dictatorship of active homosexuals, say 1% of Catholics, of the divorced and remarried who want the Church to change to suit them, say at most 3% of Mass attenders, and of “bidie ins“ and so on. All these seem to be pushing the agenda at diocese and at Vatican level.

As to why this is so, well that’s another discussion!