Friday, December 19, 2014

Msgr. Ocariz named coadjutor to Opus Dei Bishop Ecchevarria

Auxiliary Vicar Msgr. Fernando Ocariz has just been named coadjutor to Bishop Javier Mariano Ecchevarria, prelate of Opus Dei. Msgr. Ocariz helped to write Dominus Iesus and was one of the principal Vatican negotiators with the SSPX.

See "Appointments of an Auxiliary Vicar and a new Vicar General of the Prelature" (Opus Dei, December 12, 2014) and "Important Strategic Course in Selecting the Head of Opus Dei" (The eponymous Fower, December 16, 2014).

[Hat tip to Sir A.S.]

Also in the news: "Cardinal Brandmüller visits SSPX Seminary" (RC, December 19, 2014).

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