Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"The Reactionary Generation": traditional Catholic values sweep French politics

As observed by New Catholic, traditional Catholic values are unaccountably sweeping French politics (Rorate Caeli, February 12, 2014):
"The Reactionary Generation" (Génération Réac): this is what the new issue of ultra-liberal French weekly Le Nouvel Observateur mockingly calls what is certainly the most astounding and unexpected arrival in European politics in the 21st century. As a liberal publication, it obviously tries to place in the same corner very different movements, including many radical and distasteful ones dating from the 20th century, when what is really new in the conservative wave sweeping the nation that gave the world the 1789 Revolution and the anti-Catholic Terror is how multitudes of people of all generations -- mostly young men and women -- are fighting for traditional values on the streets.

This conservative wave is led and guided by Catholics, conservative and traditional-minded alike, and their main concern is not on policy issues regarding which Catholics may prudentially disagree, but the specific defense of those issues Benedict XVI called "non-negotiable". They are not divided by party, they reject being represented by any single party, and they do not let themselves split apart in the usual "right" or "left" camps, but all are accepted - including many non-Christians and Jewish and Muslim leaders - in a fraternity of interests. They could not care less if their adversaries characterize them as reactionary, as long as their unbending defense of the traditional family is made clear.

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