Friday, February 28, 2014

Politically incorrect saint: Patron of Handgunners

Get the whole story of this saint HERE, who was baptized in the same baptismal font as St. Francis of Assisi. But the deliciously politically incorrect part of the story is this:
In 1860, soldiers from Garibaldi entered the mountain village of Isola, Italy. They began to burn and pillage the town, terrorizing its inhabitants.

Possenti, with his seminary rector’s permission, walked into the center of town, unarmed, to face the terrorists. One of the soldiers was dragging off a young woman he intended to rape when he saw Possenti and made a snickering remark about such a young monk being all alone.

Possenti quickly grabbed the soldier’s revolver from his belt and ordered the marauder to release the woman. The startled soldier complied, as Possenti grabbed the revolver of another soldier who came by. Hearing the commotion, the rest of the soldiers came running in Possenti’s direction, determined to overcome the rebellious monk.

At that moment a small lizard ran across the road between Possenti and the soldiers. When the lizard briefly paused, Possenti took careful aim and struck the lizard with one shot. Turning his two handguns on the approaching soldiers, Possenti commanded them to drop their weapons. Having seen his handiwork with a pistol, the soldiers complied. Possenti ordered them to put out the fires they had set, and upon finishing, marched the whole lot out of town, ordering them never to return. The grateful townspeople escorted Possenti in triumphant procession back to the seminary, thereafter referring to him as “the Savior of Isola”.
And Fr. Z adds:
Thus, some consider him to be the patron of shooters and handgun users. For good reason. Thus endeth the lesson.

And I encourage all you women and men out there to get your concealed carry license and lots of training and practice. Ask St. Gabriel to help you in the process. Be ready for when Garibaldi’s troops show up.
“I want to break my own will into pieces, I want to do God’s Holy will, not my own. May the most adorable, most loveable, most perfect will of God always be done.” --St. Gabriel

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Ralph Roister-Doister said...

If there are any more like him, kindly send them to the Empire State Penal Colony, Andrew Cuomo, Warden.

We don't have any sharpshooter clerics here. We don't have any sharp-anything clerics here. We DO have Archbishop Falstaff, however. Once a donut enters his olfactory crosshairs, its fate is as sealed as that of the unfortunate lizard.