Friday, February 21, 2014

"Pink Money"

Just where does all the money advancing the gay agenda come from?

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JM said...

Incisive. No one else is doing the hard work Vorris does.

Elsewhere though I just get sense of a chasm that is simultaneously being decried and accommodated. On one side, people affirmed as "sinners" and it just isn't that big of a deal. We are all broken, struggling, but children of the same god. We all have the orientation towards grace that defines our common destiny, so let's make things work. No reason to fear sin: God is Good.

On the other, Tradition, acknowledged but mostly name checked by a cadre of aging clergy who are culturally attached to the older articulation of things but not themselves overly invested or believing in the content those words once had. Twas all very manualistic and scholastic, right? Not referenced towards "human flourishing," right? Our forefathers were worried in just surviving the Plage, not developing people's potential. So I imagine we won't have to bridge the chasm at all in the along run, since with a leadership like that it will be just barely sidestepped until from both sides it all crumbles in from the wear.