Saturday, March 26, 2016

Bishop Jugis appoints Rev. Matthew Kauth 1st rector of new Charlotte seminary

The Charlotte Observer Staff, "Charlotte Catholic diocese starting seminary for college-age men who want to be priests" (The Charlotte Observer, March 19, 2016).

I couldn't be more pleased. I know Fr. Matthew Kauth from my years in North Carolina. He's a good man. He is a well-known proponent and celebrant of the Extraordinary Form. He stands on principle.

In 2014 he came under fire for inviting a nun to speak at the Catholic Catholic High School where he was chaplain. After she offered a talk promoting Church teaching on homosexuality, dissident students and parents reacted with anger and protests, demanding Kauth's resignation. But Bishop Peter Jugis (may we have more bishops like him) supported the priest and refused to give way to their demands. And now the bishop is promoting Kauth as rector of the new St. Joseph College Seminary, which will be opening it's doors this September, on or near the Belmont Abbey campus in Gaston County.

Huzzah! This is WONDERFUL news!!

Fr. Matthew Kauth offering the Sacrifice of the Mass

Fr. Kauth & Bishop Jugis


Anonymous said...

nice job if you can get it

Anonymous said...

Any news about the future major seminary in the Charlotte Diocese? I believe they already have the land for it but has there been any word about who will run it or be a part of it? This appointment of Fr. Kauth to the minor seminary is an encouraging sign. I just hope the major seminary gets someone as good who we can count on to give a proper traditional influence in the seminarians' formation.

Pertinacious Papist said...

I am not inclined to think this will be a "traditionalist" seminary in any meaningful sense of the word; however, I do think that Bishop Jugis is not ill-disposed toward those in his diocese who are traditionally minded and, for example, love the Traditional Latin Mass. Like many bishops, I believe that to a certain extent, he follows the sensus fidelium and desires of his own best priests on some of these matters. As priests feel 'empowered' by bishops who back them when they stand for Catholic orthodoxy, so too I think bishops feel 'empowered' to support priests who express an adamant will to retrieve the most vital spiritual resources from Catholic Tradition.