Saturday, September 03, 2016

Britney Spears "finds grace in the hook-up" while Jamie Lynn Spears thinks "love should take it slow"

Commenting on Spencer Kornhaber's article, "Britney Spears Finds Grace in the Hook-Up" (Atlantic, August 26, 2016), our underground correspondent, Guy Noir - Private Eye writes, in a cracker-jack display of journalistic finesse:
The Atlantic, the magazine for the 'good writing' crowd, yes, *The Atlantic* is publishing music reviews giving props to mall teen baby making pop. So goes the culture when two parent families are seen as a quaint commodity. I guess it's now 'all good' now matter how hormonally hyped if the message is 'chill' bohemian (Chris Brown, please leave the room), the producers trendy, and the production ingredients urban shiny. But the sophisticate's confession of faith in sex = salvation, tongue-in-cheekiness as it may be, paints poor Britney as a soon-to-be pop version of Snooki-crossed-with-Miranda Priestly. Oh wait, Madonna already has that part. Anyway...

And in a strangely-timed instance of You'd Never Know It's The Same Family, the Other Spears comes off [HERE] like an artful True Love Waits songstress. This is actually nice. Go figure.

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