Monday, August 31, 2015

So called "gender fluidity" and the distortions of language

Our friend, Guy Noir - Private Eye, sent us the link to the following (quite good) piece in a recent telegram from Western Union (his technology skills seem to have relapsed a bit): Melanie R. Cameron, "'Gender Fluidity' and the Language Contrary to Catholic Teaching (Installment #2)" (, June 25, 3015).

Guy appended this additional comment in his telegram:
I grew up in Fairfax County. So this piece struck me. People in and outside the church ask why believers can't just let all this be. The truth of the matter is no one will let us be. The historical antecedent might be different, but that certainly is the case now. Also note two things in this article. One, she is talking about eighth-graders. Absolute children. Too, I observed the double backflips she does to make sure no one thinks she is remotely prejudicial. Even so, she produces the sort of thing one would hope you hear from Rome these days. Hope, but not…

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