Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Republicans shoot themselves in the foot

This intelligent woman was shut out of the first Republican (Fox News) debate. Why? Ratings: she's virtually unknown because Republicans would rather listen to threadbare bumper sticker platitudes than think through an intelligent proposition. Idiots. This tops Plato writing about philosopher kings. What? Philosopher queens? Nobody's going to buy it. Which is too bad, because it's nice to see a credible intelligent woman addressing our political mess. For a change.


Bluto said...

The gal knows how to speechify, no doubt about that. By sheer force of personality she can make people see the fat-butted aging hippie doofus Hillary really is.

But who is Fiorina?

Well, her strongest political ally is John McCain. Newsweek calls her "a moderate, a globalist, a woman based in California, a rational believer in technology. In other words, she embodies attributes that were once prized by the Republican coalition but that have since been driven out of it by Karl Rove and George W. Bush."

Right. Karl Rove and George W Bush, those two "compassionate conservatives," to whose left sat John McCain. Al Gore was not the only person screwed by the 2000 election year voting results.

Sorry, I'm not in the mood for another damn republican moderate, no matter how well spoken. I'll go with the foulmouthed knucklehead who wants to build a fifty foot wall from the Caribbean to the Pacific, festooned with razor wire, and is just crazy enough to do it. Get out, go home, and take your impregnated cash cow girl friends with you. That's the kind of mood I'm in, and that's the kind of message I want sent, whether Pa Francis likes it or not.

JM said...

LOL. If anyone else refers to this or any Pope as 'Pa' or "Poppa' I think I will throw up. It's lame.