Tuesday, April 28, 2015

As the "Trads" see it

It's not always easy anymore to distinguish some of what is written by those who call themselves "Traditionalists" and those who call themselves "Conservatives." Certainly there are differences, but in the complaints and criticisms of recent trends, the lines seem to blur a bit, sometimes significantly.

It's been interesting catching up on what the "Trads" are saying of late. Here's a quick survey. Keep in mind, this is only a survey, and I'm not necessarily promoting the views expressed in these articles. It is interesting to see what is being said. Some opinions strike me as reasonable; others are so radically different from what one reads in what Michael Voris calls the "Catholic Establishment Media," that one wonders whether each party inhabits the same planet. Still, one can read and learn:Maybe one of these days, we'll take a tour of Commonweal, National Catholic Reporter, U.S. Catholic, and Catholic Worker.

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