Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Election '12: love, peace & harmony; oh, and hell and damnation

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bill bannon said...

Ask yourself why Pope Benedict does not talk that way about a sector of Catholics? I smell Corapiitis....same pandering to pride within the audience. Ask yourself why John Paul II did not talk that way about groups of Catholics. That's aside from the question the narrator is not facing: do you cause more abortions by writing evil laws or by cutting $800 billion from mediCAID as Ryan would do ( it pays for 37% of births in the US right now.
The answer is outside the scope of simpleton versions of Catholicism because it needs a sociological research team to do the probabilities. The narrator is probably making his living largely from a certain lower bandwidth of IQ's within Catholicism. The simplicity will tempt the intelligent who are tired of nuances. It's the Corapi syndrome.