Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Traditional Scholastic courses, anyone?

The International Society of Scholastics -- an association founded among the Roman Pontifical Universities to promote traditional Catholic philosophy -- is trying to spread the word to traditional-minded Catholics about their online courses in Thomism. Their website is www.SocietyofScholastics.org. Their president is Patrick W. McCloskey.

They are currently offering classes in traditional Scholastic Logic and General Ethics. Eventually, they say they will add Natural Philosophy, Economics, Politics, and Metaphysics as well. Their program -- called Sapientis -- is developed by professional philosophers and is the only Thomistic education faithful to the continuous line of traditional Thomistic commentators. They have two levels of course work to accommodate both high school students (especially homeschoolers) and college/adult/continuing education students. It’s their hope "to provide the traditional philosophic education that most schools and pulpits seem to lack these days."

Check it out.


Unknown said...

I know it has been a few years since this was posted, but I have been trying to track down the society of scholastics and their educational programs. Their website shows no activity since 2013. I would be most grateful if you sent me a link to their most recent website or if you have any additional information on why they seem to be inactive. Thanks and God bless!

Pertinacious Papist said...

Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything more about the Society since the passing of Fr. Benedict Ashley, O.P. The best I could suggest is trying to contact one of the directors. I see no direct contact information on the website, so it would need to be tracked down.

Kind regards,

Unknown said...

Thanks PP, I will look into it. God Bless! Kyle

Pertinacious Papist said...

Any time, my friend.