Friday, September 11, 2009

Obama's Catholic Plan

In case you missed the email:
Five months ago you spoke out against the decision by Notre Dame to honor President Obama.

Thank you for your courage and witness.

Our organization joined you in that protest, by proudly partnering with the Cardinal Newman Society in promoting Over 350,000 people signed the petition urging the leadership of Notre Dame to reconsider bestowing such an honor on anyone who proudly defends the Culture of Death.

But much more is at stake.

Let’s face the facts. The elites in this country are aiming to minimize our influence. That’s why President Obama and others are working hard to re-define what it means to be a Catholic voter.

Don't believe this? Consider this ...
  • President Obama is filling his administration with prominent pro-abortion Catholics, including Kathleen Sebelius, Ken Salazar, and Leon Panetta. Catholics Tom Daschle and Bill Richardson were also nominated, but backed out. And don’t forget Vice President Joe Biden!

  • The Obama team is working closely with George Soros funded “Catholic” dissident groups such as Catholics United and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. And President Obama recently named Alexia Kelley from Catholics in Alliance to a plum position in his faith-based office.

  • Obama has named anti-Catholic bigot Henry Knox to his faith-based advisory council. Knox has called the Pope a “discredited leader,” and claimed that members of the Knights of Columbus who helped pass the CA marriage amendment were “foot soldiers of a discredited army of oppression.”

  • When speaking earlier this year at Georgetown, Obama staffers demanded that the monogram ‘IHS’ on the pediment over the stage be covered up. IHS is a traditional abbreviation for the name of Christ.
Meanwhile, President Obama took the stage at Notre Dame last May, and elsewhere, to call for common ground, open minds, and respect for those who disagree on the fundamental issue of the right to life.

But the problem is that Obama's so-called ‘common ground’ is a one-way street!

Those who opposed his presence at Notre Dame, or his policies on funding abortion and embryo-killing research with tax dollars are depicted as wackos, or part of the problem.

Obama's strategy on common ground requires our silence. Sure, he's willing to "dialogue." As long as we keep quiet. So long as you keep quiet.

We intend to fight this double-speak with powerful messages of real hope. But our aim is to be a different kind of voice. The image of the cranky, hopeless Catholic is not us. Far from it. Our goal is to speak the truth – with joy. And in doing so, show the world the glory of the truth, and invite others to think.

We aren’t naïve. We know Barack Obama won the election in November. There are areas in we can work together, like promoting fatherhood. But that doesn’t mean this President can dictate what it means to be a faithful Catholic voter.

What happened at Notre Dame only confirmed the need for a strong, authentic Catholic voice engaged in the public debate. That’s what is all about. We will never back down. We will never surrender. We will always be a strong voice for Catholics.

The time has come to proudly defend our beliefs – on our terms! But we need to fight in a different way. That’s why we are using the latest online technologies available to deliver provocative, yet appealing programming that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of Americans.

Our election ad last year had 3 million views – one of the most watched online videos of the entire campaign! Our Obama “Super Bowl” ad was seen 2 million times. It’s clear that our videos are having a profound impact. Click the video above and see for yourself.

If you like what we are doing, we’ll keep you updated on our work a few times a month. If you prefer to not receive our e-mails, simply click the unsubscribe link below.

We think the “Catholic vote” is worth fighting for. Politicians know it. The media knows it. But most importantly, our faith requires it.

There is too much at stake to stay quiet.


Brian Burch

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