Saturday, May 02, 2009

Dashboard rocket science?

I hate smelling the noxious fumes of vehicles in front of me. Michigan, of all environmentally-conscious, 'progressive' places, has no state-mandated annual vehicle inspection (like Jesse Helms-lovin', 'yahoo' North Carolina does), so vehicles in and around Detroit often not only look like they are held together by Scotch Tape, but emit billowing plumes of nefarious toxic fumes.

Here's the rub: I've driven a variety of different American automobiles, but I have yet to find one that effectively shuts out external air when switched to recycle inside air. I've driven Fords that didn't even have this as an option, though one could cut off the outside air by turning on the air conditioning and switching it to Max/Cold (not very convenient in the winter).

I hate this. None of the Hondas or Toyotas or Subarus I've driven ever had this problem. They all had clear controls indicating how one could switch to recycle cabin air, and they effectively shut out external fumes. Does anyone know whether Ford or GM has mastered the rocket science behind this sophisticated technology in any of its products?

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