Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sodom, Oh Sodom

Manya Brachear and Margaret Ramirez, "Lutheran task force recommends changing gay-clergy policy" (Chicago Tribune, February 19, 2009): "A task force of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America recommended Thursday that its leaders make changes to allow gay and lesbians in committed relationships to serve as clergy."

Oh, but never fear, if you aren't quite on the bandwagon yet: "At the same time, the task force also asked members of the church to respect congregations and synods that disagree because they believe such actions would violate Scripture."

Furthermore -- and here's the real sigh of relief (these people are so considerate of their "weaker brethren"): "If approved, the measures would change current church policy that allows ordination of gay clergy, but requires them to be celibate." (emphasis added)

[Hat tip to S.F.]

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