Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Prayer of Adoration

My God, I adore Thee, as holy in all Thy works as well as in Thy own nature. No creature can approach Thy incommunicable sanctity, but Thou approachest, and touchest, and possesseth, all creatures; and nothing lives but in Thee, and nothing hast Thou created but what is good.

I adore Thee as having created man upright, and having bountifully given him an integrity of nature and having filled him with Thy free grace, so that he was like an Angel upon earth; and I adore Thee, for having given him Thy grace over again in still more measure, and with far more lasting fruits, through Thy Eternal Son incarnate. In all Thy works Thou art holy, and I adore Thee in them all.

The Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman

[Acknowledgement: A Newman Prayer Book (Vincent F. Blehl, S.J., 1990), p. 2.]

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