Friday, July 16, 2004

Intelligence report rebuts Bush accuser

Former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV, dispatched by the CIA in February 2002 to investigate reports that Iraq sought to reconstitute its nuclear weapons program with uranium from Africa, last year  launched a public firestorm with his accusations that the administration had manipulated intelligence to build a case for war. He has said that his trip to Niger should have laid to rest any notion that Iraq sought uranium there and has said his findings were ignored by the White House. Wilson's assertions -- both about what he found in Niger and what the Bush administration did with the information -- were undermined yesterday in a bipartisan Senate intelligence committee report.   Read more
The level of hypocrisy involved in the Bush-bashing allegations is staggering when one reads Wilson's statements in his public "A Letter from Joe Wilson on John Kerry" on the RestoreHonesty.Com website paid for by the "John Kerry for President" committee.   Excerpts:
  • "I wasn't ready to keep quiet when this President misled the nation in his State of the Union Address ... " 
  • " ... John Kerry...has the personal courage and integrity that I want in the leader of our great nation ... "
  • " ... I am honored to endorse John Kerry and to commit myself to his campaign to wrest our democracy back from those who have so squandered the public trust ... "

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