Thursday, October 15, 2015

We refuse

The American Principles Project has posted a "Statement Calling for Constitutional Resistance to Obergefell v. Hodges," signed by over 64 law and jurisprudence professors and other academics and public figures, including Hadley Arkes of Amherst College, Gerard Bradley of Notre Dame Law School, and Robert George of Princeton. They are urging civil disobedience against Obergefell and suggesting grave consequences if it comes to be accepted by the public as settled law.


Anonymous said...

Take your gay-bashing Bible, stick it down your bigot throat sideways and choke on it and then wash it down with Jesus Freak Kool-Aid.

JM said...

I think you mean "bigoted," and I hope sugar-free Kool-Aid qualifies. Also, you seem a bit... well, agitated.

Samuel said...

Why is it that gays have such a visceral reaction to non-gays who think they suffer a perverse disorder? I rarely if ever see or hear non-gays (particularly Christian ones) speak with such malice about gays. To me, it's clear that these Christians have no ill-will towards gays but rather think that a life of active perversion is harmful for people, both themselves and others. I believe they think that the most charitable thing they could do is warn gays that a life of perversion can't be a happy one or come to a good end.

Why is it, then, that gays aren't tolerant of Christians when they claim to be all about tolerance themselves? Why don't they ever suggest that a non-gay life is harmful and charitably suggest that they should join them on the gay path for their personal and spiritual health? Why, instead, do they chafe and lash out so hatefully?

I wonder how much they actually know and simply repress. Do they perhaps realize how twisted and hopeless their gay life is and simply lash out at others from resentment, resentment that they are so conflicted, so addicted to a disposition they've reinforced through numerous chosen acts in which they've engaged that they feel overwhelmed and trapped and know it?

What Christian non-gays feel, mostly, toward gays (I think) is some combination of pity, love, compassion, and hope that they can find redemption. I wish they knew that. Well, maybe they do, but just can't help but hate it.