Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mic'd Up - a disturbing look at all the ways "sodomy" is being smuggled into your parish and parochial school

An interesting roster of individuals on their interview list as well, including Austin Ruse, Mary Ann Kreitzer, Dr. Kevin Vost, Jack Fonseca, Brian Camenker, and Paul Rondeau. On "Smuggling in Sodomy 01-28" (Mic'd Up, January 28, 2015).

Notice the new format with Matt Pierson and Christine Niles sitting across from the show's host, Michael Voris, which promises to become an interesting addition to the program. One nice new addition is the informative, slickly-edited reports that are aired at various intervals throughout the program by a crackerjack team of TV journalists, including Vincent Coleman, Ryan Fitzgerald, and Rodney Pelletier. Brilliant!


Clear Waters said...

Can this be described in any other way than 'vomit-worthy'? This deviancy has pervaded culture so quickly, it can be compared to an ebola virus on morality.

Pray God this evil is cleansed soon, by our hand or otherwise.

Be well brother. Added to my blogroll.

JFM said...

Very good. Yet I have a reservation. These pundits all say the New Homophiles claim being gay is a 2nd and equally worthy option. I don't think they say that. What they say is that while it may not be equal, it is still something that can be viewed as having dignity, as long as it is not engaged in as an activity. To wit, Gays have gifts, being gay can have value, as long as you aren't being sexually active. This is not the same as claiming being gay is just as good as being straight. But it IS all the same pernicious.

Likewise, in the photo shoot in question, being in bare feet does not necessarily suggest you aren't comfortable with yourself. Good grief. But as I recall, what Ruse actually said was that the two people in the photo looked, well, gay. And people like Maggie Gallagher at NRO were aghast. "OMG, how uncharitable!" But this just shows how long the reach of the Emperor's New Clothes, because, of course, the two photo subjects do in fact look a bit gay.

c matt said...

"Smuggled" implies an intent to hide it. Doesn't seem like they are trying to hide much.

Anyhoo, to say "Gays have gifts" is like saying Islam has truths. As BXVI pointed out in The Speech, whatever Islam has that is "true," Catholicism already had. Similarly, whatever gifts "Gay" may have, those same gifts can be found without the "gayness." What specific value does "gayness" possess that cannot be possessed without it?