Monday, March 25, 2013

The party of the poor and oppressed

Joe Biden has a reputation for liking to chum it up with working class guys in local diners and such, and giving the impression that he's an average sort of Joe.
  • CNN recently uncovered a $321,665 receipt for a limosine in Paris, France
  • NRO reports that his recent stay in London cost $459,338.65.
  • and his one-night Paris hotel tab was reported at $585,000.50.
Average Joe. Yeah. Average Joe is paying his salary. Average Joe and his kids.


Ralph Roister-Doister said...

Capped teeth. Hair transplants (where does such hair come from? his armpits? his brain? a devil's bargain?). Not nutzy enough need a straitjacket, but plenty bent, with a trailing platoon of spin artists to explain away his absurdities. Joe Sixpack, missing a can or two, but still able to buy and sell mopes like us.

bill bannon said...

These are for staff and security people mainly, once one reads the links. He should be excommunicated on pro choice which is separate....but whose fault is that if Popes don't amend the canon on Benedict did on other matters:

The buck stops where...according to Truman? At the top. Can laymen excommunicate? Can priests? No...but they do
in their minds because Popes and Bishops don't in the
real world. We are dysfunctional. In 1567 God brought about St. Pius V to stop all fees for indulgences which had produced a good part of the physical beauty of Vatican assets but split the Church in pieces. We need God bring about someone who actually excommunicates a pro choice pol. Seems rediculous though that this needs a hero. Every Bishop and Pope should have done some excommunications for this by now...UNLESS...they think legal abortion is safer than illegal abortions...should be suffered to exist... but won't say it out loud.

Anonymous said...

the comedic Cardinal Dolan had a nice coffee with Biden after the Palm Sunday Mass at St. Patricks.
Politics as usual trump being a true shepherd for the people. It is for this reason I don't really take Dolan serious about abortion, HHS mandate (Fortnight for Freedom baloney), and so called same sex marriage. Dolan is an enabler to the culture of death.