Sunday, July 29, 2012

Is it permissible to worry about the future of the Church?

A profound question posed by Rorate Caeli about realism about the current circumstances of the Church and words of encouragement from St. Maximilian Kolbe about the promises of Christ:
The fact that the Church is of God and exists because of supernatural life, is today made to correspond to an absolute prohibition of worrying about Her future in the world.

Nowadays, whoever dares express in public their disquiet about the destiny of the Bride of Christ in the world, is immediately assaulted by a mighty chorus of judging voices that cry: “How dare you be so pessimistic, the Church belongs to the Lord, it is not right for you to speak like this, She is never going to be abandoned by God.”

In Catholic environments, you can hardly express anymore a realistic judgment about the situation in the Church....


Charles said...

The author makes a sound point: while it is proper as a mater of course to trust that God will never abandon his church, one can realistically worry about the church substantially abandoning God.

Obviously there have been times in history when the church seemed nearly to disappear, as in the Arian crisis or even in those notorious later periods when three rival pretended popes claimed the succession of St. Peter.

In view of that, it is wishful thinking to talk about our own times of priestly sexual scandal, gay bishops, bishops with children, faithless bishops, dissenting bishops, and massive apostasy in glowing terms as though it were a time of spiritual revival and rejuvenation.

Here is an image of those who speak such saccharine rubbish: LINK".

Sheldon said...

The answer is "absolutely." Jesus himself asked whether upon his return he would find faith on earth.

Sheldon said...

I also like very much the link in Charles' link above.