Monday, December 28, 2009

Obama authorizes INTERPOL

Executive Order (Dec. 16, 20099), designating INTERPOL as a public international organization entitled to enjoy certain privileges, exeptions, and immunities.

[Hat tip to Anon.]


Bill White said...

Here's a roundup of links:

and a lengthy analysis:

I wonder what he's setting us up for?

Lutheran said...

But I thought that DHS Napolitano stated that our system worked--a day before she says that it failed.

That'll be nice to reprise when one of these hacks actually does clearly humiliate them instead of himself pulling off one of these stunts.

INTERPOL to the rescue? Riiiiight.

Anon said...

Those of you wondering about "Section 2(c), Section 3, Section 4, Section 5, and Section 6" can read it here: href="

If you are like me and still had a hard time grasping what this could all be about take a read here:

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