Monday, March 17, 2008

Solitary Southern Mississippi Usus Antiquor discontinued

Nathan Blosser, "Disheartening news" (March 17, 2008), reports: "On Saturday, March 15th, Father Noone announced he will cease offering the Traditional Latin Mass on a regular basis and gave no plans for offering monthly Masses." Despite consistently respectable numbers and at least one Mass with over 100 present -- at an inconvenient time and in an inconvenient location some 30-45 minutes from Gulfport/Biloxi, the TLM is being discontinued. The priest, Father Noone, has been a champion of the forma extraordinaria. He was the solitary priest in the Diocese of Biloxi to volunteer to learn and offer the TLM. Substantive scuttlebut suggests an unsupportive chancery office. What is this -- status quo ante? With Nathan, the TLM community in Southern Mississippi, and many groups in similar circumstances throughout the world, we await the forthcoming clarifications on Summorum Pontificum. Oramus.

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