Friday, July 06, 2007

Benedict: Pray for me . . .

Summorum Pontificum, Pope Benedict's Motu Proprio establishing the liberalization of the Traditional form of the Roman Rite and its rules of implementation, along with his explanatory letter, will be published tomorrow (July 7, 2007).

Many of us have long awaited and prayed for this day. Let us remember the Holy Father in our prayers. Let us also pray for the impossible, for a warm and welcoming reception of the Holy Father's Motu Proprio.

Let us also pray for joy -- joy on this occasion, as well as joy in the good will and wisdom of the Holy Father in leading the Church to this pass. Finally, whatever its reception, let us pray that the Motu Proprio may, in due course, powerfully help to facilitate a renewal of liturgical faith throughout the Church and a renewed desire to worship God in the spirit of truth, which is the root of all liturgical renewal.

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  • "A Call to Prayer and the Watching of Our Tongues in this time of Grace" (New Liturgical Movement/Novus Motus Liturgicus, June 30, 2007) - Some good advice from Shawn Tribe:
    ... we are entering into a period where the Devil will certainly be trying to sow discord rather than see greater unity and progress accomplished.... We need to resist this steadfastly more than ever.

    The liturgical issue is front and centre. There has been much battle done, and emotions can run high. Indeed, recall Fr. Zuhlsdorf's now famed "rules of engagement" as well. Be joyful. Celebrate! Let that shine through so that the excitement might become contagious. But while we do that, guard also against pettiness, mischaracterizations, accusations, polemics and needless absolutizations when disagreements are raised.
[Photo credit: Hat tip to Rorate Caeli.]

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