Saturday, October 14, 2006

Additional information on the probable Motu Proprio

New Catholic provides the following "Additional information on the probable Motu Proprio" (Rorate Caeli, October 12, 2006) (the helpful translations are his):
If any further confirmation was needed, the news agency of the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI) has also... confirmed the existence of the text of the Motu Proprio, information which is published today in the Conference's own daily newspaper, Avvenire (PDF): the document would be published "shortly".

Andrea Tornielli's comments on the CEI news release in today's (October 12) issue of Il Giornale:
The existence of the "Motu Proprio" of Benedict XVI which should liberalize the old pre-Conciliar Missal, revealed yesterday by our daily, has been confirmed even by SIR, the news agency of Catholic weeklies established by the Italian Episcopal Conference. "The news is learned from authoritative Italian sources -- writes SIR -- which thus confirm and detail some news published by the press". The "authoritative sources" consulted by the agency have not indicated "the time of release". Even though the text of the Papal document is substantially ready, it would not have been signed yet (in which case the promulgation should, in fact, happen shortly).
In its release, the Swiss-French agency APIC included this interesting note: "Also according to Vatican sources, the document would not focus only on the Mass of Saint Pius V, but it would have a larger liturgical dimension regarding Traditionalist questions"...
[Hat tip to New Catholic for this information, which is taken in toto from his post of October 12th, 2006.]

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