Sunday, May 28, 2006

Kudos to Amy Welborn

Today in Church I saw that flyers had been made available to parishioners to counter the misinformation of The Da Vinci Code. I saw that they were published by Our Sunday Visitor and that the author was Amy Welborn. They were very basic, as flyers must inevitably be, but attractively formatted and well-organized, with the essentials clearly thought-out. I'm sure this is the sort of thing a lot of rank-and-file folks probably need and will very likely even turn some minds toward the light on this contorted issue. Kudos to Amy Welborn for a good job!

I suppose some of us -- preeminently academic types such as myself -- need reminding from time to time that the world isn't going to be saved by a dissertation as such, whatever it may be worth. The faith of the people is where the hope of the harvest of grace lies. Keeping this fact in view, hopefully, has the power of bringing into proper focus even the work of dissertations.

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