Friday, December 23, 2005

Advent to Christmas

Well, it's time to sign off for a while, my friends. I may be in tomorrow, yet for a few last things. But this Christmas Eve I have four of my five children home for the holidays -- yes, the HOLY DAYS -- and look forward to a gratifying time indeed. Only one son, himself married with children and working on completing a doctorate in patristics at Catholic University in Washington, DC, is expected not to show, and for good reason: he will be spending Christmas with his in-laws in Virginia, on leave from their work in Jordan. As for the rest, Chris will be flying down from Manhattan to meet up with his brother, Jon, in Knoxville today, then driving up together tomorrow. Nathan and his wife will be driving from Portsmouth, VA, tomorrow. And, of course, Hannah Cabrini is still very much at home with us, so that makes a family indeed! With Hannah still too young for midnight Mass, I expect we'll carry on our Swiss tradition of a Christmas Eve cheese fondue and take in the Christmas morning Mass. Amy, of course, is cooking up a storm while Hannah contents herself munching on bits of the Christmas tree.

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