Monday, September 19, 2005

Apostolic visitation of all U.S. seminaries to start next month

In honor of Fr. Joseph O'Leary, I'm happy to announce that Vatican-appointed teams will be conducting their apostolic visits and investigations of U.S. seminaries beginning in October. I've been petitioning the Vatican for an extension of jurisdiction to cover Jesuit schools in Tokyo, but I haven't heard back yet. And, no, I don't see a conflict between my opposition to bureaucracy (see my post, "Pope Benedict & Church Bureaucracy" of Sept. 16, 2005) and the Vatican's administration of this apostolic visitation. "Bureaucracy" is a pejorative term connoting inefficiency and waste, whereas "administration" has about it the possibility of something efficient and streamlined that comes right to the point -- which Benjamin assures me is quite likely with these apostolic visitations, which should be concluded by April. Cheers.

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