Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Episcopalianism now "effete high church unitarianism"

Al Kimel, the widely-respected author of the Pontifications blog, who recently swam the Tiber, has been offering his observations, commentary, and critique of the ECUSA, the ecclesial community with which he was formerly affiliated, for some time now. Fourteen years ago he and five other Episcopal priests issued a summons to the Episcopal Church to return to biblical orthodoxy--The Baltimore Declaration. It goes without saying that things have heated up in the ECUSA considerably since that time. Last November, Kimel sounded the Gandalfian alarm to his fellow Episcopalians, "Fly, you fools!" And now, after having himself fled the madhouse, he offers some telling observations in a post entitled "Fleeing the Madhouse." Among his more salient observations: "The Episcopal Church has become an effete high church unitarianism." Read more ...

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