Monday, October 25, 2004

Birthplace of Reformation Found

The following courtesy of Benjamin Blosser at Ad Limina Apostolorum (Monday, October 25, 2004):
German archaeologists have discovered the lavatory on which Martin Luther wrote the 95 Theses that launched the Protestant Reformation.

Experts say they have been certain for years that the 16th century religious leader wrote the groundbreaking Ninety-Five Theses while on das klo, as the Germans call it.

"This is where the birth of the Reformation took place."

"Luther said himself that he made his reformatory discovery in cloaca [Latin for "in the sewer"]. We just had no idea where this sewer was. Now it's clear what the Reformer meant."
First off, no, this is not the Onion. This is dead serious. Second of all, I am, in a spirit of ecumenism, refraining from giving expression to the myriads of witticisms which spring spontaneously to the mind in these scenarios. (Source:, via Akin.)

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