Monday, March 22, 2004

Yawning at the homosexual revolution?

As one listening in on this discussion, I occasionally have a passing thought on the matter. The Ramsey Colloquium, which dealt with the issue of homosexuality from an inter-faith vantage point of view (Catholics, Protestants, Jews) made one extremely salient observation in it's report: it is impossible to deal with the "homosexual revolution" apart from the "sexual revolution" that is the legacy of the seventies. The "sexual floodgates" were thrown open long before the homosexual issue ever surfaced on the national radar. Dale Vree, the editor of the New Oxford Review, when recently asked what he thought about the "same-sex marriage" question, responded with a yawn: when we're already slaughtering close to 4000 unborn humans/day, fruit of the commerce of wanton heterosexual sin, it's hard to get excessively excited about recent homosexual issues-- not in the least to belittle them. Perhaps this is one respect in which Bill Mahr's remark makes at least some sense: "They're here, they're queer, get bored with it." Your thoughts?

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